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IT Solutions

“ We have 5 years experience about the IT Solutions ”.

Welcome to Sembee It Solution India Pvt. Ltd. We are in operation to make our client happy for last five years. Our website service is running successfully in India as well as in other countries. We have some other IT related services also (hardware and software solution along with mobile application). We make our client satisfied by our great services.

“ We have 5 years experience about the Hardwear Maintain Services ”.

We are always active to make our client happy by our best service. Our mission is to work as per the client requirement and make the project really up to the mark. We take projects according to our man power and time; because we always provide the quality services within the turnaround time giving by the clients.

“ We have 5 years experience about the Rent Services ”.

Our vision is to spread the all services and business outside of the country. We have some major projects domestic as well as international. Our recent aim is to full fill those and make our IT signature stronger in the industry. We are quite confidence about that.

“ We have 5 years experience about the Product Selling ”.

We have expert team guided by the top management. We are performing in the atmosphere where everyone understands the value for money, time and work. Our 24x7 helpline is always open for the customers. We always solve all the software and hardware problems with best efforts and qualities.

If you have any Hardwear & Softwear problem in your office & residence.. We are always available 24x7

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Low Cost Services

We always care value for money. Our all services are not more than market price but service quality is always up to the mark. .Get top quality website design, create mobile app and developing software services at reasonable price. Our all hardware services (such as: computer, printer, projector on rent or selling biometric, fire alarm) are really affordable to take.

Top Quality Products

Our all services and products are best in qualities. Website designing, mobile application creation and software development services always had shown our own statement in the industry. Our selling products like CCTV Camera, biometric and fire alarm are branded and less than market price with the best service packages. Our rental products like desktop /laptop, printer are always in good working condition like a new one.

Expert Team

Best and experienced website designer, mobile apps and software developers are always trying to serve you the best service. We have expert team who are specialist in all our servicing, repairing and setup works and more. Our customer relationship section is always open to take your queries and requirements. Let us know about your queries and we will get back to you through phone or email shortly.

If you have any querry for machine .... We are available for you.